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Friday, April 30, 2010

Parton me, that's inappropriate

When my boys are eager to learn, it lights me up. At heart, I am an educator, driven to share all the wisdom the universe has provided.

It warmed my heart when my youngest came to me, cradling a calculator, with earnest desire for knowledge burning bright in his young eyes.

"Mom, can you show me the Dolly Parton thing again?"

I forgot that I had shared this little jewel, once again forgoing appropriateness for the cheap laugh.

"Sure -- Dolly Parton went to a Doctor who was 69 years old and told him her boobs were 222 big."

* A flurry of giggles here* (mostly mine)

"So he gave her 51 pills and told her to take them over 8 days (X8)."

And then she was .....


That little ditty has killed with 2nd graders for 30 years. Does anyone even know who Dolly Parton is anymore?


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