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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I'm getting nuthin' for Christmas ...

Mmmmm and it sure feels good! Of course I got plenty of lovely gifts - sweaters, books, a down comforter and Ali G DVDs. OK, those are technically my husband's - but I am a beneficiary.
More than anything though - I am so enjoying some down time. The kind I never seem to allow myself under ordinary conditions. It is a glorious indulgence. Living white space if you will. No particular place to be, no cell phones ringing off the hook, no to-do list in sight. Pure bliss.
I just sat on the couch, bare feet jammed under my 7 year old for warmth, for two full hours as I devoured a Nora Ephron book. It's after 3 and my hair has air dried into a product-free shag around my makeup-free face. I'm enjoying a latte as I wander around the house aimlessly. Oh, there are gazillion things to-be-done. Lists to be made, calls to be returned, blah, blah blah. Later. Maybe. If I feel like it.
For now, I'm just chill-binging and it sure feels good. This could be my new indulgence. Its inexpensive, calorie free & I am thinking quite addictive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Nuthin'" can be a HUGE energy boost. Enjoy!!
Best, Gail

6:50 PM  
Blogger Miss Violet said...

Happy New Year to you, Miss. XOXO Violet

1:59 PM  

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