Story Value

random musings and episodes from the life of a 40 something comidienne/corporate refugee/mom - since whatever doesn't kill you provides excellent story value.

Monday, May 03, 2010


I admit to the guilty pleasure of watching reality TV shows with a sense of smug self-satisfaction.

Whether its the Real Housewives of blankity-blank, Biggest Loser, or Addiction -- I always smile to myself that ... no matter what, I ain't "that bad."

That would be true ... unless they did a reality show on coffee addiction. I didn't realize I was this pathetic.

During two pregnancies, I quit cold turkey without a second thought. Turns out I need a baby on board to do without a cup-o-Jo.

A massive water main break outside Boston means there's no coffee to be had in Bean-town today. Ironic. No latte, no hot, no iced, nada.

I'm not jittery. I'm just plain incoherent and brain-fogged. I am fantasizing about getting myself out-of-town so I can inhale some Java. Pity the slow-moving barista, mama needs her fix!